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Audio Transcript [Video available via mobile museum portal /The Now of Museums Prep Class]:

Summer Prep Session, conducted via Skype45.0/ July 2040

Global Alliance of Museums/ The Now of Museums

Mobile Museums: Hive Partnership

[Sounds emit of plugging devices, setting wiring helmet, clearing of the throat, and mumbles of fretting over connections and hardware speeds.]

Good Morning MMs, can you all see me and hear me clearly? I show that you are all connected in at this time. Please close down all other devices – if I hear tweets and twerps, bells or whistles– I may go ballistic. As you are well aware, we begin stage 3 of your MM program, and I am excited to be acting as advisor to you during these two years ahead. Although we met in June at your stage 2 graduation, I look forward to spending concentrated vid-time with you and watching your growth as extraordinary MM Educators. As director of The Now of Museums, under the guidance and direction of Global Alliance of Museums – I am pleased to welcome you to this next Hive select stage.

When MM was piloted in 2030, I never imagined how the program would grow and foster. So perhaps this is my rally cry/ pep talk/ go Team go speech to you. Please bear with me; and I won’t keep you wired in all morning. Don’t worry that comes soon enough.

Under the guidance of GAM, NSF, and IMLS – and with the data compiled in the pilot years of 2030 to 2035 – you are the first group of MM students to begin this challenging, and completely unheralded stage 3. I am not gonna sugar coat this – this is going to be a tough, tough assignment. But for those of you that make it to graduation – the rewards will be worth it.

You were selected in 9th grade to begin your educational journey with MM. I must say your applicant pool was the largest on record, and the acceptance rate the most competitive. Your aptitude for compassion, social justice, global education, connections to the visual arts and science were demonstrated in your video assignments, community connections project, language aptitudes, and leadership qualities.

The 12th grade MM assignments were no walk-in-the-park. We lost 30% of the group. As you joined your prospective museum education departments to begin full-time internships, I heard back that it wasn’t easy going. But why should it be? Each of you was matched with two mentors – in the education department, as well as visitor services. Your final projects, the year-end achievements surpassed expectations. I have read all your work from stage 1 – brilliant stuff.

You are the elite MM.

Hence, each of you received scholarships to the matched undergraduate programs across the US. Working with new mentors – you developed the blue prints for new museum educational modules.

Then senior year, these modules were put into action. And you became the mentors for a new high school class of MM 2045. You worked side-by-side with the best art museum educators working today at the most cutting-edge of American museums.

But now the fun really begins. I am uploading each of your new assignments to the CloudX this instant – and you now have the news. I can hear your alarmed sighs, and see you are caught unawares.

So let me explain in more detail – you are each relocating in August to your new cities and partner museums. These museums are not in our biggest cities, or trend setting urban areas—what I often call the Cities of Museum Utopias. Surprised? You will spend the next two years, in communities with populations of 50,000 or less. You will be working in the education departments of museums – with a department of no more than 1! Please refrain from comments – you will be working directly with the local high schools to teach and mentor selected students. These high school students will embark on their working internships, you as mentor/teacherprenuer.

Wait there is more – this stage 3 has a new twist. You will be paired with MMs from other museum disciplines in your new adopted town. Science, History, Green Zone Non-Profits, Theater. Call it the Super Cell Hive. Your Super Cell Hive will work together to create joint programming initiatives and learning opportunities for learners young and old alike.

I know you have worked extremely hard leading up to this point. I have read your e-files and understand the trials and tribulations of this program.

But you are so close! Upon completing this stage successfully, let’s review the roles in educational leadership that await you. You will be change agents working in the creative Hive.
Your undergraduate tuition loans will be absolved completely, you each will be awarded a museum leadership position, as well as the opportunity to take your education to the next Global stage, if so desired.

You MMs have got it made. I remember when museums operated in their ‘own’ bubble locked mentalities. So much cow-towing and listen to this and blah-blah. No global sharing, no team project spirit. Just bragging. Luckily, those were gone away with – now you have access to every museum’s educational vision/ mission via GlobalMuseums cloud share. You can view museums educational learning objectives for each exhibition, interactive, artist-in-residence, creative hive output. How I wish I had that luxury when I got started.

Do you know that although exhibitions were shared, traveled – educational materials were kept under the lock-and-key proprietary mindset? For example, each museum (goliath as well as miniscule) could share the traveling exhibition of Kerry James Marshall. But each had to devise ( from ground-up) all gallery teaching components, gallery interactives, social media platforms, apps, tour guides, didactics, labels, public programs, etc. etc. How I love this museum era we now are in – with this click here I can pull up the entire global library of educational resources for the artist Kerry James Marshall. When I was your age – only the collection content was shared. Can you imagine?

[Audible grumbles, coughs and click-peeps begin to get louder and louder]

Okay, okay – I am waxing on too long about the old days of 2010s.

Here are some keys to us having a successfully two years ahead. You can take this advice or leave it – I don’t care – but trust me I want all of you to succeed. Hell, I want you to go for the Stars, think big, disrupt museum malaise, and spread the possibility of the world to a new generation of young minds. You are part of the vibrant learning grid!

Museums foster lifelong learning at its best – you are at the helm of developing the best in Hive Learning.

You will be receiving packets of information about your new communities, new climate concerns and Watchposts, new language requirements and start date requirements within the next 24 hours. You have just one month to develop your project priorities and present them. I suggest you get cracking the code.

I am here for all of you, although you will be assigned mentors from K12 museum learning departments, and the Mayoral offices for student success, I am looking forward to being with you along the ride.

But never, ever zap me via instacrunch at 1am; post inappropriate vidchats on the MM shared portal; and maybe most importantly – think that you need to have all the answers in an instant.

Oh – one last thing, I’m going to be tough on you. I didn’t earn my nickname from the class of 2035 for nothing; they called me Ed Mafia. Remember there is no I in museum team. Back your bags MMs, let’s get going.

Ed Mafia over and out.

[Sound of unplugging, popping, and screen fade]