About The Challenge

This national challenge, launched in 2015, invited museum professionals, educators, futurists, and community members to tell a story illustrating what the learning landscape might look like in 25 years, highlighting a future in which museums play a starring role. These essays—and photos, videos and drawings—will help museums prepare to play a new and bigger role in American education. They vividly illustrate the “vibrant learning grid” described by educational forecasts such as the Alliance report Building the Future of Education: Museums and the Learning Ecosystem and KnowledgeWorks’ 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning. Stories have power, and we hope these ideas will inspire museums to build the best possible future for the next generation.

Grand Prize Winner:
Keely Sarr – “Standardized”

Joseph Daniel – “Living Dinoramas”
Sarah Dunifon – “Inbox: March 2040”
Matt Matcuk – “Learning All Over the Place”
Ashley Weinard – “Nimble”

Honorable Mentions
Garrett Barmore – “An Invitation to Play”
Alicia Da Silva – “Celie & Vincent first meet March 30th
Emily Cook – “PK-12: A Student Reflects
Kendall Swett – “The Future if Now
Christine Bacon – “A Thousand Invisible Cords
Christopher Jones – “The Great Reformation
Kimberly Roblin – “Confessions of CIO
William Hafford – “Experiencing History
Margaret Winikates – “It Was Supposed To Be Dinosaurs
Caitlin Norem – “Untitled